About Us

A family owned, Edmonton Jewellery store

Westmount Jewellers is an Edmonton Jewellery store committed to serving our clients with integrity, honesty and dignity. We strive to offer our clients value for their money. This is achieved through years of expertise in the jewellery industry.

Our promise is to provide our clients with the Best Price, Quality and Service

Westmount Jewellers prides itself on its deep seeded roots in the Jewellery industry

My father had wanted to be a jeweller since he was just 8 years old, learning the ways of the indsutry at his uncle’s shop. At 19 he moved to Canada with a dream of owning his own shop here in Edmonton. He began working as a goldsmith and was able to open his first Jewellers shop downtown in 1981, and eventually moved to Westmount in 1984. We’ve been here ever since, and the business remains in the family to this day! I am an accredited jewellery professional and I’m proud to say that for over 30 years our family has been dedicated to providing you with excellence!

Come see us for
– Diamond Jewellery
– Custom Jewellery
– Jewellery repair & restoration
– Watch repair
– Appraisal & estate services
– Engraving

If you don’t see what you’re looking for don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to find it for you!


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This is a cute little jewellery store that I never gave a second look to. I decided to finally go in and check it out and it was actually pretty nice. The store isn’t big and they don’t have a lot of selection. They are definitely not a People’s Jewelers or one of the big guys. But the staff are knowledgeable and they are genuine. Those are two things that I definitely respect and appreciate from a company. They might not have as much as the next guy but they deserve a chance. Support the local businesses. The staff are great. Find out for yourself!

Nicole B.

Oh my God! we live in Saskatoon and my boyfriend heard about this place. He ended up getting my engagement ring from there it is absolutely beautiful, dazzling, sparkly. I am telling everyone I know that these folks listen and will provide you with exactly what you want! He talked with them a number of times and this is the most wonderful ring I have ever laid eyes on…..eat your heart out! I wanted a sparkly solitaire and I got one better than I could have ever imagined. Great job Patti!!

Glenda H.

Hey, it’s a local mom and pop jewelry store and is nostalgic in my eyes! Westmount Jewelers has been in business since 1965 and sells jewelry – of course! It reminds me of the jewelery store in the small town I grew up in. There isn’t as large a selection as the chain stores but the quality of service is awesome, which make me go back for yearly maintenance on my rings. The staff is always ready to help you and the quality of their repairs is second to none. Give the small guys and chance and check them out.

Mo H.

Beautiful job rebuilding the horseshoe ring…it looks great! Very nice people, reasonable price!